Refund Policy

Complimentary Trial: Demonstration Page

We offer our users a fully complimentary demonstration page, allowing for a thorough exploration of the features provided by Woocommerce Scraper without any financial obligation. We highly recommend availing yourself of this opportunity before making a purchase decision.

Subscription Cancellation

Our clients have the freedom to cancel their subscription at any point, be it during the free trial period of the demo page or following the acquisition of a paid subscription. The cancellation process is conveniently accessible through their personal space on our platform, involving just a few user-friendly clicks. Alternatively, they can initiate the cancellation by contacting us via email at

No Refund for Misuse

It is crucial to highlight that any refund is contingent upon strict adherence to our terms of use. No refunds will be issued in the event of tool misuse, applicable to both users of the free demo page and those with a paid subscription. This encompasses any actions contrary to ethical use or contravention of our terms and conditions.

Contact and Technical Support

If you have inquiries about our refund policy, wish to cancel your subscription, or encounter any technical issues with the application, kindly reach out to our technical support at Our committed team is available to provide assistance and support.

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